Boy and girl building a shelter in the woods

Would you like your kids to play outside in the fresh air, learning how to be independent and self-reliant? Would you like your kids to learn maths and science without even realising it? Or perhaps you have a child with ADHD and need an experience which helps them relax and focus.

We set up the Adventure Club to meet all those needs, teaching outdoor skills in a fun yet challenging way to kids ages 7 and up (or under 7 with a parent attending). We’ll also be running a special Adventure Club week for teens in the first week of August.

Ranging from building shelters to making fire, learning how to navigate to staying safe in the outdoors, the Club also links strongly to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, particularly in developing maths and science skills.

During the school holidays, the Holiday Adventure Club runs all day from 9:30 – 5:00pm at the eco camp at Bamff Estate, near Alyth, Perthshire. 

During the school term, the After School Adventure Club runs for 90 minutes, one day a week for 6 weeks and is currently running at Isla Primary School in Angus, but can be run at any school or group in the Perthshire or Angus area. 

Each Adventure Club session is themed around:

  • Navigation
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire Making
  • Survival Skills

Boy and girl make campfire

Earning badges

Children earn badges upon completion of each day, starting with Level 1 and progressing through the Levels as skills are mastered. When a child has earned all 4 badges in a Level, a special ceremony takes place including a special cord for holding and displaying badges earned.

5 different badges

Dates for Holiday Adventure Club

Our first block of sessions of the Holiday Adventure Club begins the first week of July:

  • Monday July 2: Navigation Level 1
  • Tuesday July 3: Firemaking Level 1
  • Wednesday July 4: Shelter Building Level 1
  • Thursday July 5: Survival Skills Level 1

We will be running a second week of Level 1 sessions mid-July, offering a chance for children to continue learning the skills or for new children to take part.

  • Monday July 16: Navigation Level 1
  • Tuesday July 17: Firemaking Level 1
  • Wednesday July 18: Shelter Building Level 1
  • Thursday July 19: Survival Skills Level 1

In August, we will run Level 2 sessions aimed at teenagers or children who have completed Level 1 sessions. These sessions are:

  • Monday August 6: Navigation Level 2
  • Tuesday August 7: Firemaking Level 2
  • Wednesday August 8: Shelter Building Level 2
  • Thursday August 9: Survival Skills Level 2

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Want to know more? Find out more about the Holiday Adventure Club or the After School Adventure Club

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